Wow, I'm Getting Bad at Remembering People

OK, full disclosure, I've never been great at remembering names. But, it's gotten much, much worse since I've gotten older.

My wife, who is a teacher's assistant, had her holiday party this past Friday and, even though it really wasn't my thing, I figured she would want a drink or two and I went with her so she didn't have to drive.

While we were there, I had someone walk up to our table and start talking to me because. He must have noticed my blank stare because, after a few minutes, he stopped and asked me if I knew who he was and, when I admitted I didn't, he then told me and continued on as though his name should ring a bell.

From the gist of the conversation and some shrewd deduction, I was able to figure out I went to school with him. But, even after finding his picture in the year book, I still am drawing a blank. I just don't remember him.

I'm not sure if that's because he wasn't very memorable, if it's just a sign of old age or if that concussion I suffered in college did more damage than I knew.


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