Movie Review: The Ninth Passenger (2018)

Synopsis: Too-serious Jess reluctantly agrees to tag along when her friend, Christy, accepts an invitation to party on a yacht only to find out the boat belongs to an executive at an "evil" research company. Things get worse when the yacht suffers mechanical issues near an island housing the genetic monstrosities created by that company.

Who's in it? The movie stars Alexia Fast, Jesse Metcalfe, Veronica Dunne, Sabina Gadecki and Tom Maden.

Review: There was a time when I could pick out five B-rated movies and would find at least one or two that were watchable. That, however, has not been the case lately and, when I picked out this film last night, I was hoping it was the one that would break that streak. After all, from the vague description on Vudu and IMDB, I thought it would be a simple slasher flick. And, it's pretty hard to screw those up.

Unfortunately, not only was the description (and title) of this movie horribly misleading, the entire film turned out to be a big mess.

First of all, this film takes way too long to get started, especially considering it has a relatively short run time (about 80 minutes). After what seemed like an eternity of people doing drugs, hooking up and friend drama, I was practically begging for someone to get murdered. And, that was before I had to sit through a whole new story involving a raft trip to a mysterious island containing a research lab.

I probably could have had a little bit of respect for the build-up if I felt as though it added depth to the eight people on the boat. Unfortunately, that just didn't happen. They wound up being as one-dimensional and uninteresting as they were when they stepped onto the yacht, to the point I really could care less if any of them lived or died, including Jess (Fast), the one I think I was supposed to care about.

Even once the action finally started, the movie just never reached a point where I was entertained. The genetically-modified monsters were a little too ridiculous to be scary and weren't even responsible for some of the deaths. In fact, they were so inefficient, there was time for the movie to throw in a little extra relationship drama because, you know, that's what someone wants to see when watching a horror movie.

Final Opinion: If this movie had been about a secret killer on board a stranded yacht, it could have possible been entertaining. This complex and unrealistic story just wasn't entertaining in the least.

My Grade: F


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