Maybe It's Time to Re-Think the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Look, I'm not saying Jennifer Lopez and Shakira won't put on a good performance. It's just I feel as though such a high-profile venue should be used to for something more than a showcase for two established performers trying to get a little extra publicity.

Instead, I would much rather see it used as a way to give a relatively-unknown band its big break. You could even have a year-long contest featuring clips of the bands and let the fans vote for who they want to see perform a full set. Perhaps the second-place finisher can perform at the Pro Bowl?

Or, a better idea, how about hold a high school marching band contest with the top band (or bands) getting an invite to perform in front of millions and the money that would normally go to pay a performer/build an elaborate set being donated to the the winning school(s). At least then, the money has the potential to do something good.

Yes, I know there are those who are going to complain that my ideas are boring and risky. But, with the NFL going out of its way to be safe by picking performers who won't embarrass them, it's not as though the shows have been anything memorable (I couldn't even remember who played last year's Super Bowl without looking it up). So, why not change things up and try to do something positive, even if it is a one-year experiment.


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