Do Smart Phones Get Hungry?

I was driving to the office this morning which, in itself, was a bit of a challenge because everyone else seemed to forget how to drive today. I was about halfway across town when my phone (via my Bluetooth link with the radio) started broadcasting step-by-step driving instructions.

Naturally, I was a bit confused by this because it wasn't as though I had asked it to do this. But, after momentarily being startled, I figured I accidentally bumped something on the phone and it thought I wanted directions to the office, store or home (the three places that normally pop up when my Android Auto app kicks in).

When I got to the office and checked my phone, I became even more puzzled because, rather than trying to give me directions to some place local, it was giving me driving directions to a pizza place more than 30 miles away that I hadn't even heard of before.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

So, now I'm wondering if my phone just wanted a cheese pizza or one with all the toppings.


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