We Are Up and Running on Disney+

It required a little bit of debate but I decided to sign up for Disney's new streaming service, which went live today. I only had a few minutes to check it out this morning but, so far, the $6.99/month looks to be a good investment.

I don't think it is anything that is ever going to completely replace Netflix. But, I do think it is a nice supplement to the more-established streaming service, at least if you are a household that has kids.

The service was dragging a little bit this morning, with the occasional error (which I would expect to happen on the first day) but, from what I saw, there was a fairly decent mix of movies and TV series, including quite a few classics that I grew up on, like Darkwing Duck, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, The Apple Dumpling Gang and Willow. Of course, I'm sure my youngest daughter will be watching the Descendants movies on a loop.

At first, I didn't think this service offered the ability to set up separate profiles for each family member. But, I just discovered it does. This, much like with Netflix, is a handy feature because each of us has such a varied preference as far as movies and shows go.

It'll take me a few days to know for sure. But, I think it'll wind up being a good investment.


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