Why Life Should Be More Like an NFL Football Game

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Three time outs per half. Three as a child and three more as an adult. You can use them to figure out your next move or catch your breath. And, you can choose to save one until the very end so you can spend a few extra precious seconds with those people you love.

You always have a coach on the sidelines to help you figure things out. You also have a variety of assistant coaches available if you need to focus on one specific aspect of your life.

The referees will make sure life can't cheat. If it does, a flag is thrown and you are given the opportunity to do things over.

Up to three reviews per lifetime. If you feel life is treating you unfairly, an independent review can be requested to either overturn the injustice or show you (via instant replay) why you are getting what you deserve.

You'll have a cheering section. Who couldn't use one of those?

There would be a scoreboard. No more questions about whether or not you are winning or losing. And, if there's a chance to score points, there's always a chance for a comeback.


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