We Had to Say a Heart-breaking Goodbye This Weekend

Our 2 1/2-year-old rescue cat, Mouse, passed away unexpectedly Saturday evening.

We aren't sure what happened. He had been acting a bit "off" for a few weeks. He stopped using his litter box and seemed to spend a lot of his time hiding from us. But, when we took him to the vet three weeks ago, he was perfectly healthy (other than having a few fleas) and, when he came out of hiding at night, he didn't act sick. He wasn't losing weight, would still eat his food and drink water and would let us pet him and play with him.

Friday evening, he was growling a bit and seemed somewhat lethargic. But, Saturday morning, he seemed perfectly fine again. Then, suddenly, Saturday evening, I heard him making a strange noise from under our recliner and, by the time my wife and I were able to get him out from under it, he was gone.

We were all devastated by this loss, especially my youngest daughter, who would carry him around the house like a rag doll and would have him hang out with her in her bedroom. She lost one of her best friends and it tore the rest of us up inside too because he was such a good cat.

I dug a grave for him in the backyard yesterday morning, in a spot my daughter picked out, and we said our final goodbyes. He loved watching the birds out our living room window so I plan to get a bird feeder to put by him.

I've been keeping a close eye on his "brother," Echo, just in case it was something contagious. But, fortunately, Echo seems to be perfectly fine. Unlike Mouse, there hasn't been any change in his behavior at all, with one exception. After we took Mouse to the vet for his physical, Echo suddenly decided he wanted to be a lap cat. I'm not sure what that's all about other than maybe he knew something was wrong with Mouse and was doing his part to help us prepare for it.

In any case, I don't regret adopting Mouse for a moment. He didn't have a long life, but we made sure he had a happy life and will always remember the happiness he brought us.


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