Last Page (A Poem)

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

I wake up each morning wondering
Where my life is heading, what I'm supposed to do.
There seems to be this great uncertainty ahead of me
And my future is hidden by a fog I just can't see through.

Some days it's frustrating
To the point I want to act out in a rage.
It's like I'm living in a mystery novel
That seems to be missing the last page.

Each day I pray to the author for some guidance,
Just something to help see me through.
I don't need Him to give me all the answers.
I just wish He would occasionally give me a clue.

His silence can be overwhelming
And leave my spirit feeling beaten and worn.
As I continue to live out this great big mystery novel
Out of which, the last page is torn.


  1. Such a beautiful, sad poem....I can relate.....I love this....I can feel the sadness...the frustration....the wonder... this is really good


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