So Far, So Good With the Homeschooling

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to pull my oldest daughter out of high school and, instead, home school her using an online virtual school.

Today is the last day of her first week and, so far, this is looking like it was a great choice.

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

There is a night and day difference between this year, her sophomore year, and her freshman year last year. Last year, we had to practically drag her to school and she was stressed and grumpy all the time.

This year, she's up and ready without a fight and full of energy. She's also participating in her classroom discussions (done via a chat room) and group projects, two things she pretty much avoided like the plague last year. And, outside of school, she's a completely different person, laughing, talking and seeming to enjoy life.

In fact, the only real drawback we're seeing so far is she's got a lot more free time than we're used to her having. The virtual school is structured in a way where she only has two classes (not counting her independent study courses) per day and, as a result of that, even with the independent study and homework, she's been getting done by noon most days.

I'm waiting to see if this changes as the homework becomes more complicated. But, if it doesn't, we are going to have to find a constructive way for her to spend that time, including possibly letting her get a part-time job somewhere.

But, so far at least, I'm happy with this decision and am glad my daughter is finally enjoying school again.


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