SurveySavvy Review

As I've mentioned before, I'm always on the lookout for simple (and legit) ways to make a little extra spending money. After all, I have two daughters who participate in relatively expensive after school activities and, because of that, money is sometimes a little tight.

Recently, I started visiting a site I joined a while ago but kind of forgot about, SurveySavvy. This isn't a site you can expect to make a life-changing amount of money on. But, it is a relatively easy way to make a few extra dollars if you have some free time.

The surveys they offer range in value. Sometimes you're only getting $1. Sometimes you're getting $5. And, of course, you do have to qualify for the survey in order to complete it and get paid for it. However, I've been able to qualify for a few of them every month, making about $5-$10/month extra while sitting at home with my laptop on my lap and watching TV despite falling in one of the worst demographics as far as qualifying for surveys.

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The minimum payout is also very low. Some similar sites require you to have at least $10 before they will pay you. SurveySavvy only requires you to have $1 in order to request payment.

That being said, one of my complaints about the site is the time it takes to get that money. SurveySavvy only pays via check rather than PayPal or direct deposit. And, after claiming your money (which, in itself, can take several days from the time you complete the survey), it's not unusual for it to take a month to get the check. So, if I were to change anything about the site, it would be that.

Still considering you are getting paid for doing practically nothing, it's still not too bad of a deal and I would still recommend the site.

My Grade: B


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