I Started Cleaning Up My Garden

Overall, my garden is far from done. My tomato plants are still producing as are my green bean and cucumber vines. And, thanks to the squirrels planting the seeds, I'm going to have some pumpkins even.

However, I decided to clean up some of it. My lettuce, which had gone to seed, is now in the compost pile and I pretty much gave up on my corn, which was knocked over by one of the surprise pumpkin vines. I'm debating on the zucchini plants, which are still green but don't seem to be producing any more. I left them for now, but I'm guessing I'll wind up pulling them up by next weekend if I don't see any more on them.

One wild card is a surprise squash plant that popped up by my beans. It's just now starting to flower so I'm going to wait and see what happens with that one.


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