Ghost Hunters Episode Review: The Lady in the Window (8/28/2019)

Synopsis: Grant Wilson and his team investigate a newly-remodeled house after the owner tells them he is interested in selling the building but believes there is something there that is preventing him from doing so.

Review: I didn't get a chance to watch this episode when it first aired on Wednesday but, thanks to the magic of DVR, was able to finally watch it yesterday evening. Much like last week's season premiere, my overall impression was, at best, mixed.

Once again, I am going to start out by giving kudos to Grant and his team for a couple things. Much like last week, they avoided investigating some tourist trap and, getting back to the show's roots, picked a private residence instead. This is something I enjoy much more because it does give the investigation at least some sense of legitimacy because most homeowners don't have a financial reason to prove their house is haunted.

And, while they failed miserably at their efforts, I did appreciate the team's attempts to debunk some of the homeowners claims, ranging from a lady's face in the attic window to a piano that reportedly played by itself. While, being a born skeptic, I still have lingering doubts, they at least eliminated some of the more-likely possibilities.

Unfortunately, the overall investigation did prove to be somewhat of a disappointment with Grant, once again, being quick to declare a house haunted, even going to the extreme of naming the homeowner's mom as one of the culprits, despite somewhat flimsy evidence.

I think a lot of my problem with this episode was the evidence, when compared to the claims that were made, seemed kind of bland. The homeowner reported everything from a woman lying on one of the beds to doors rattling and even had a photo of a mysterious face looking through a window. All Grant's team was able to come up with was a couple "voices" speaking one word each and electronic instruments going off at random moments. I'm sorry but that's just not enough to convince me the house was haunted by two different women.

As has been the case when watching this series in the past, I feel as though the investigators aren't doing enough to find solid evidence. For example, they obviously have thermal imaging equipment, which they used to monitor the attic window. Why not use that when doing the EVP sessions and point one at the equipment the ghost is supposedly using to communicate? Showing an electronic monitor beeping is one thing. Showing a ghostly image or even a cold spot on a thermal imaging camera at the exact same time would be much more interesting.

Final Opinion: I'm going to give the show some points for trying. But, after watching the first two episodes and seeing a lot of the same things that made me lose interest in it in the first place, I'm just not convinced it should have returned to TV.

My Grade: C


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