Movie Review: The Perfection (2018)

Synopsis: Once a promising cellist, Charlotte Wilmore has spent the past decade caring for a terminally-ill mother. When her mother finally passes away, she rejoins her former mentor in Shanghai and is introduced to his new protégé, Lizzie. After hitting it off and having a sexual encounter with the new cellist, Charlotte agrees to join her on a bus trip across China. However, when Lizzie becomes progressively ill, Charlotte reveals an ulterior motive.

Who's in it? The movie stars Allison Williams, Logan Browning, Steven Weber, Alaina Huffman and Mark Kandborg.

Review: My wife picked out this movie last night and, in all honesty, I wasn't really sure if I would enjoy it. Netflix tends to be a bit too vague with its movie descriptions/previews lately and, based on what I saw, I had some doubts. However, as it turns out, this movie ended up being surprisingly good.

I'm not going to go as far as to say it was the best film I've ever seen. And, there were some parts of it, especially toward the end of the movie, I thought were dragged out a bit too much. But, when it was all said and done, I did find I enjoyed this film a lot more than I was expecting to.

I'm going to try to avoid going into too much detail regarding what happens in the film because I don't want to risk providing a spoiler that will ruin some of the surprise twists the film has. I'm just going to say this movie started out looking like it would be similar to the dozens of supernatural/zombie-like films I've seen in the past but wound up being something completely different. Let's just say it was unique which, in itself, is a quality that is missing from a lot of newer films.

One of the other things I found I liked about this film was the way it would let events play out then, at a certain point, would "re-wind" and show the things the viewer was not privy to. Normally, this is something I'm not a big fan of. But, it worked really well this time around because, when the events were re-run with the hidden twists, it gave a whole new meaning to the story. Plus, while I wasn't completely fooled by some of the later twists, it did manage to keep me guessing a little bit.

Final Opinion: The Netflix previews simply do not do this film justice. It's an intriguing movie with a a halfway decent plot and some unexpected twists. I'd recommend taking the time to watch it if you get a chance.

My Grade: A


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