I Started Watching Historical Roasts on Netflix

I was intrigued by the concept and, since my wife and daughters are out of town, decided to check it out. I have to admit, I'm actually pretty impressed.

I love how the show manages to pay respect to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln (Bob Saget) and Anne Frank (Rachel Feinstein), educate the viewer about the people are being roasted (as well as the historical guest roasters) and still manage to slip in a bit of comedy and the occasional inspirational message.

Another thing I love about this is the way it doesn't completely ignore the guests' faults. Watching Harriett Tubman (Yamaneika Saunders) tear into Lincoln and talk about how he gets all the credit for freeing the slaves when people like her were risking their lives, for example, was pretty awesome and did have me wanting to learn more about her.

Even the historical bad guys like Adolf Hitler (Gilbert Gottfried) and John Wilkes Booth (John Stamos) get a chance to say their piece as roasters, though with a much more comedic (usually egotistical) twist. It's something I think really adds something different to the show.

My only real complaint about this show is I wish it wasn't as "adult" as it is. I honestly think this is a show my kids would enjoy watching. But, because of the age-inappropriate comedy, I can't have them watch it with me. This is too bad considering I think they would wind up learning a lot.

Regardless, I hope this is a show that ends up with a second season.


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