I Don't Think Of It As a Bribe, I Think Of It As an Investment

My oldest daughter is a very bright child and can easily get A's on most of her tests in school. But, she also tends to be a bit lazy when it comes to turning in her homework and it is starting to affect her grades.

My tough love approaches haven't been working so I changed course and made her a deal. She is a big K-pop fan, especially when it comes to the band BTS and I'm using that to my advantage.

Starting with this semester, I have offered to purchase BTS merchandise for her if her end-of-semester GPA is 2.5 or higher. The maximum amount spent on that merchandise is based on the GPA itself. 2.5 = $25. 4.0 = $40, for example.

So far, this seems to have worked. Last night alone she turned in roughly 10 missing homework assignments and bumped up one of her class grades by two scores. Today, she was getting clarification about where she stood in each of her classes so she could figure out what she needed to do to make sure she had the highest possible grade in each.

Now, I know there are some out there who will refer to this as a bribe. I, however, am looking at it differently and am referring to it as an investment. She is more than capable of being a straight-A student at school and, if I have to purchase her something at the end of each semester to encourage that, there is a benefit to me too. For one, higher grades mean a better shot at college scholarships. And, her being able to attend college/have a world of opportunities open to her as far as careers go, means it would be much less likely for her to be still living at home 20 years from now. In that regard, it is $40 (or less) well spent.


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