Thoughts from The Walking Dead Episode Adaptation (2/10/2019)

Synopsis: Still reeling from Jesus' (Tom Payne) death, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) seek answers from a captured Whisperer (Cassady McClincy). Meanwhile, an escaped Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) discovers life outside Alexandria isn't what he expected.

Here are my thoughts from the episode, which my wife and I finally had a chance to watch yesterday evening:

1. When I was first introduced to the older version of Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming), I liked her. Now, I'm on the fence about her. OK, to be fair, there are still a lot of things that are likable about her (I especially loved how she chastised Negan for swearing in front of her) but, I think she's being used a bit too much in a cute/comic relief-like role.
On top of it, I'm just not buying her accuracy with Rick Grime's (Andrew Lincoln) gun. She should, at minimum, be on the ground every time she fires that weapon, which is way too powerful for someone her size.
I still think she has some potential as a character. But, I almost think the show needs another time jump so we can see her as a teenager/young adult.

2. I know the Whisperers are supposed to be the next major menace to the heroes on this show and  should even be a bit creepy. But, for some reason, whenever I watch them, I have flashbacks to the movie Zombieland and, in particular, Bill Murray's cameo.

3. I'm actually still a little confused about just how that whole zombie mask thing works. Are zombies legitimately fooled by that? After all, earlier on in the series, the only way to walk through a zombie herd was by covering yourself completely in their blood or have a pair of zombies to escort you Michonne-style. Somehow, wearing what is basically a glorified Halloween mask doesn't seem to be good enough.

4. I'm undecided whether or not the captured Whisperer, Lydia, is really trying to mislead Daryl or if she legitimately doesn't know all the answers. This honestly could go either way I think, with her either turning out to be a bad guy or just a victim who now wants to help defeat the Whisperers.

5. It's looking a little bit more like the series will be following my suggestion and have Negan become one of the heroes on the show. This would be a good thing too, especially since Gurira is reportedly leaving the show and the series is in desperate need of a bad ass leader. With all due respect to the previous seasons' stars, a reformed Negan would be the best bet to fill that need. Daryl still comes off a bit too much like a sidekick (I'd actually like to see him become a bad guy, just to give him some freshness) and Carol (Melissa McBride) has pretty much  done everything she is going to do for this series and is a better fit in her new role as a mother figure.
I mean, let's face it, the show did a lousy job preparing for life without Rick Grimes and the dozens of secondary characters on this series just never got a real chance to develop enough to fill the gaping hole created by his departure. Negan, simply by the screen time he has gotten over the past couple seasons, would be the safest bet and, as a plus, he's already forming a bond with Judith.


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