Continued an (almost) Annual Tradition Yesterday

Photo by Cynthia Helmer

Even though it was pretty darn foggy out yesterday and I probably should have stayed home because of that, we did make a trip down to Sun Prairie so we could do some much-needed shopping at Costco. While there, we did something we usually try to do around Valentine's Day, get a heart-shaped pizza from Rocky Rococo's.

This is something we try to do every February (though we have missed a year or two) because, between my mom's birthday being on Valentine's Day and the girls usually having some sort of skating or dance activity Valentine's Day weekend, we really don't get an opportunity to celebrate the actual holiday. This is pretty much the exception to that.

And, we've found it has to be a Rocky Rococo's pizza. There are other restaurants (closer by) that offer something similar. But, this is the only one that doesn't seem to skimp on toppings like the others do or serve a pizza that has been carved up to the point it isn't worth the money.


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