So I Am Fairly Certain Our Cat Used to Be a Dog in a Past Life

Unlike his brother, Echo (or, as I affectionately call him, Satan), Mouse is one of the most well-behaved cats I have ever had. He doesn't get into too much trouble, lets us sleep at night and has some quirky habits that make me wonder if maybe he's secretly a dog or was one in a past life.

For one, this cat loves to be brushed. Yes, I'm certain there are cats out there that are the same way. But, I've had a lot of cats in my life and this is the first one I can say that about. He'll even stare at his brush until I pick it up and roll over on his back so I can get his belly.

In addition to that, he'll follow our youngest daughter around the house like a puppy and, in the mornings, will sit outside her door waiting for her to get up.

This morning, I was playing with him using one of his cat toys (a cheap one consisting of a piece of cork on the end of a wire that he loves). He managed to pull it out of my hand and had it on the other side of the living room. Then, realizing I was no longer able to play with him, picked the toy up, carried it over to me and dropped it at my feet. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with that.


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