Well, That Was an Exhausting Afternoon

In total, I was at the ice rink yesterday for about 5 1/2 hours. I showed up to help with the Skate with Santa Open Skate and skating exhibition (both fundraisers for People Against a Violent Environment). Then, after that, they had ice show auditions so I hung around while my daughter had her tryout and got measured for a costume.

By the time we got home, there was enough time to grab a quick dinner and get caught up on Supernatural before going to bed.

For her part, my daughter held up pretty well, considering she was on the ice for a good chunk of that. She did a great job during her two exhibition numbers, despite having a music screw up on the first one (forcing her to help a bunch of younger skaters improvise). And, her audition (at least from what I could see of it since they don't allow parents out of the warming room) looked solid. I don't think she'll get a solo but maybe has a shot at a trio or quartet. We'll find out in a couple weeks.

She's going to get a week off now since the synchronized skating teams have competition prep all week (she's not a member of those). There's no classes so I decided to cancel her private lesson for the week and let her rest/recover before starting up again next week.


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