One Scene From Christmas With the Kranks Keeps Replaying in My Head

My wife and I watched this movie (as we do every year) about a week ago and, as always, I enjoyed watching it.

However, here it is a week later and one scene, well, actually, a line, keeps replaying in my head because it's stumping me a bit.

The scene is the one where Jamie Lee Curtis returns from the store with smoked trout instead of ham:

How in the world is smoked trout a better choice than frozen pizza, as she suggests? Not only does that sound like it would be something many people wouldn't enjoy, she didn't even buy enough to feed a group of people. I would think frozen pizza would have been perfectly acceptable, Christmas party or not.

Now maybe if she would have said something like "it was better than liver tartar," I probably wouldn't be so bothered by that line today.


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