Had Dinner at the NOLA North Grille Yesterday

This is not a place I eat at very often, mostly because it is a little outside my price range. However, we had a company Christmas party yesterday evening and, since we needed a place that was convenient for everyone (there were a couple people traveling from outside of town), this seemed like the most logical choice. And, after dining there, I would definitely recommend it.

To tell you the truth, I was a little surprised to find out we were the only ones who were having dinner there last night. I know it was a Thursday in December, but I figured it would be much busier, especially after the experience we had.

First of all, the food was delicious and, unlike many restaurants, also somewhat unique. For example, this is the first local restaurant I've gone to that had gumbo and crawfish on the menu. I wound up having the former but, to be safe (I wasn't sure how spicy the crawfish would be), went with chicken as the main course. Both were excellent. Plus, I liked how the restaurant used locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

All of us also enjoyed the floor show that came after dinner. Dessert was Bananas Foster, which was prepared right in front of us, complete with a pretty large flame coming out of the pan (you could feel the heat several feet away). Let's just say it's not something you'll see eating at Applebee's.

In other words, I would highly recommend this if you have an opportunity to eat there. Just remember, they require reservations.


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