24 More Hours Until Payday (A Poem)

Just 24 more hours until payday.
One more day until I can live like a king.
Tomorrow can't come soon enough
So I can be reminded about how much happiness money can bring.
No more pinching pennies
No more trying to make a dollar last.
Pretty soon, my money troubles will all be in the past.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Just 24 more hours until payday.
Wait, what do you mean I have bills to pay?
Just this once, can't I keep it all for myself
And have enough cash to go out and play?
I worked hard for that money. 
It should all be mine.
If I have to give it to someone else
Then payday is going to quickly lose its shine.


  1. I love this & yes it's so true, I wish I could keep all of mine too...


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