What If We Are Aliens?

My oldest daughter was telling me about her biology class and how they've been having discussions about aliens. As a result, I wound up asking her this question - "what makes you think we aren't aliens?"

Here's my argument for this in a nutshell -

When you introduce a plant or animal to an ecosystem it is not native to, it is frowned upon because it could quickly take over and cause harm to that ecosystem. This is referred to as introducing an invasive species.

Ever since humans first appeared on Earth, they have, in a sense, been an invasive species. Mass extinctions have been the direct result of humans, as have deforestation and possibly even climate change (depending on which scientists you choose to listen to).

Humans have no natural predators. This isn't uncommon in nature. But, normally, if there's an animal on top the food chain, it is in a specific region with a limited population. Humans are all over the planet and outnumber many of the animals they are killing.

As I explained to my daughter, every other living creature on this planet seems to have a place in the ecosystem while humans just don't seem to fit in. In other words, it's as though we weren't meant to be part of that ecosystem and, if that's the case, then we must have been introduced to it through other means.

But, that's just a theory.


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