The Andy Griffith Show Episode Review: A Plaque for Mayberry (1961)

Synopsis: When Mayberry learns one of their own may be a direct descendant of a Revolutionary War hero, the town is excited by the news. But, when the descendant turns out to be the town drunk, Otis Campbell (Hal Smith), Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) wants Andy (Andy Griffith) to arrange for someone else to accept the plaque on Otis' behalf so Mayberry doesn't suffer an embarrassment.

Review: I had planned on mowing the lawn yesterday afternoon. But, since it was raining, I wound up doing my laundry instead. While waiting to switch it over from the washer to the dryer, I put this episode on. Overall, I thought it was a decent one.

The main story, to be honest, was a little predictable. Despite Barney (Don Knotts) thinking he was the descendant, I wasn't really surprised when it ended up being Otis, mostly because he seemed like the most ridiculous choice. And, when Mayor Pike insisted Andy find someone to pretend to be Otis, I figured he wouldn't follow through with it.

One thing I found I really liked about this episode though was Otis' interaction with his wife (Dorothy Neumann). This is the first episode I remember seeing her in and it was kind of cool Otis would choose to be sober and accept his plaque solely because he wanted her to be proud of him.

I also thought the very beginning of the episode, with Barney performing a complicated sobriety test, was hilarious. It was some of the best physical comedy I've seen from Don Knotts and it was very memorable as a result.

Final Opinion: This is an entertaining episode that was somewhat predictable at times but still managed to be a fun one to watch. I would recommend it as a result.

My Grade: A


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  2. There is a hidden gem in this episode...when Barney is going through his family tree. He mentions a Duncan which Andy responds that he has heard of him. Barney offhandedly says that he was some sort of carpenter.
    Duncan Phyfe is known as America's greatest woodworker!!
    Then Andy points out the difference in spelling of the last names...Phyfe vs. Fife. Barney says his is the simplified version.
    In fact the original name of Duncan Phyfe's family name was ...drum roll... Fife.
    The writers worked overtime...a fairly inside joke.


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