One Thing That is Really Bothering Me About the Last Doctor Who Episode

It's been a couple days since the new season premiere, featuring Jodie Whittaker as the first female Doctor. And, as I said before, I liked the episode. But, two days later, there is something from that episode that really is bugging me.

Early on in the episode, when we are introduced to Graham (Bradley Walsh) and Whittaker's Doctor on the train, there was a discussion about aliens and how Graham and others didn't believe in them.

How the heck is that even possible at this point in the series? Is there no news or internet in England? The giant spaceship over London. The Cybermen invasion. The WHOLE FREAKING PLANET being moved to a whole different part of the universe. Yet there are still people who have doubts? Have the Men in Black been working overtime and erasing people's memories or something?

At this point in the series, it should be "oh look, another alien invasion," not "what is that thing" or "aliens don't exist."


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