I Am Seriously Disappointed to See This

I was going through the news feed this morning and saw one of our Wisconsin high schools is choosing not to show the play To Kill a Mockingbird our of concerns of the use of a racial slur.


This decision apparently was the result of potential protests over the play and, for that reason, I don't really blame the school district itself. After all, it's first priority is to keep kids safe and protests have the potential for violence. But, I am very disappointed in the overall community reaction.

I know there are those who disagree with me. However, I honestly believe racism is still a problem in this country because we, as a society, are so afraid of offending people, we are reluctant to have real conversations that will bring around real change. In this case, it is a play that tackles racism head-on but won't be shown because it (for the sake of realism) uses a racial slur that might offend people.

I think one quote from the article I posted above kind of proves my point:

"The Caucasian students that are in the play, I can't imagine the discomfort of using that word," said one mother who wished to remain anonymous in a WISN 12 report. "I've heard that during practices, [Caucasian students] actually apologized to the African American students. Why even put them in that position?"

The whole reason you put a student in that position is for the very reason they are talking about, it creates a reaction and that reaction creates an opportunity for dialog. How can we hope to bring about change if we choose to shelter our kids and never give them that opportunity?


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