Thoughts From the Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings Game 9/16/2018

Some thoughts from yesterday's game:

1. The big discussion will be, of course, Clay Matthews' questionable roughing the passer penalty that negated an interception and ultimately allowed the Minnesota Vikings to tie the game. But, the Packers had plenty of other opportunities to win this game prior to that. A Jimmy Graham touchdown was negated by a holding penalty, for example. And, let's not forget the poor clock management on Green Bay's possession before that. Kirk Cousins should never have gotten the ball with that much time on the clock and two time outs.

2. One thing that makes the decision not to run the ball on that previous possession is the running backs were having a surprisingly solid day. Jamal Williams and Ty Montgomery combined for 90 yards on the ground. That's not something I would expect to see against a talented Vikings defensive front.

3. I'm willing to bet the Vikings spend part of the week auditioning new kickers. Daniel Carlson's three misses offset the mistakes the Packers were making on their side.

4. Speaking of the Vikings, I am willing to admit, Kirk Cousins is the real deal. I am, however, very curious how long they will be able to keep that talented defense together once they have to work around his massive contract when trying to re-sign players who are talented enough to command massive paychecks too. Minnesota's Super Bowl window might already be closing.

5. While part of me wants to spend a lot of time harping on the roughing penalty that essentially cost the Packers the win, the other part of me kicks in and reminds me the Packers also benefited from a similar call earlier in the game. So, rather than complain about what might have been, I'm going to just feel sorry for defensive players since it now seems anything other than two-hand-touch football is going to be a penalty.


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