Thoughts From the Green Bay Packers Vs. Chicago Bears 9/9/2018

Just a few thoughts after last night's exciting but exhausting game.

1. I don't think you will ever hush those who criticize the Packers for not landing Khalil Mack. But, last night's game and Aaron Rodgers' heroic performance showed an elite quarterback will ALWAYS trump an elite pass rusher.

2. I know I only got to see him for about a quarter, but I'm still not convinced Deshone Kizer was really an improvement over Brett Hundley. If there's going to be that much of a talent difference between Rodgers and the #2 guy, then maybe Green Bay should just promote Tim Boyle to #2 and free up a roster spot.

3. I do have some serious concerns about the Packers' offensive line. Bryan Bulaga seemed kind of slow on his feet and unsure at times so I'm wondering if maybe he came back from his injury too early. If the Bears gave them this much of a problem in this game, the Vikings are going to be trouble next week, especially if Rodgers is still hobbled.

4. There were times when I missed Jordy Nelson's veteran leadership. But, it was easy to see why they essentially kept Randall Cobb over him. And, Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison both continue to impress.

5. Jimmy Graham, however, didn't exactly wow me with his 2 catches for 8 yards. The veteran tight end is supposed to be the piece the Packers offense has been missing since Jermichael Finley was injured and forced to retire. I'm really hoping this game was a fluke and we don't have a Martellus-Bennett-like failure. With production like that, we would have been better off starting a tight end who could block.


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