Thoughts From the Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins (9/23/2018)

Here are some of my thoughts from yesterday's game:

1. I used to watch a lot of pro wrestling when I was younger and I remember countless matches that ended with a seemingly clear-cut winner only to have the referee reveal the time limit expired, there was a disqualification, etc. I felt that way when Clay Matthews got his sack on Alex Smith only to have it overturned with yet another questionable roughing the passer penalty. The NFL needs to get that corrected sooner rather than later.

2. I think my biggest problem with the roughing the passer controversy (besides the fact they seem to be picking on Matthews) is I believe, at some point, the over enforcement will result in the opposite of what the league is trying to do. If accidentally landing on a quarterback is going to be treated the same as hitting them helmet-to-helmet or slamming them to the ground, there's really no incentive for a defender to avoid the latter. I think it's only a matter of time before defenders adopt a "might as well get my money's worth" attitude.

3. Sloppy performance by the receivers in this game, especially from Randall Cobb. The drops were drive killers.

4. The Packers need help at safety. Kentrell Brice may physically be able to play the game but, mentally, I just don't think he's ready for such a large role. Hopefully, Josh Jones will provide a much-needed upgrade when he returns from injury. Otherwise, the decision to let Morgan Burnett leave in free agency is going to look like a really bad one.

5. I'm seriously concerned about Bryan Bulaga's latest injury. The Packers gambled a bit when they went into the season without a proven backup at the tackle spot. That gamble may hurt them if Bulaga misses multiple games since the top backup, Jason Spriggs, is a considerable downgrade and there's really nobody else on the roster that has proven to be any better.

6. It was good to seen running back Aaron Jones back in action. The Packers have solid running backs in Jamaal Williams and Ty Montgomery. but Jones has the ability to be a game changer. Now someone just needs to remind Mike McCarthy he's allowed to call running plays. Six carries for a guy picking up an average of 7 yards every time he gets the ball just doesn't seem like enough.

7. I must admit, Adrian Peterson keeps impressing me. He's one-dimensional as a running back and on the wrong side of 30. But, in the right situation, he can dominate. I bet Green Bay was having some awful flashbacks about the former Minnesota Viking as a result.

8. I thought punter JK Scott did an excellent job and, through three games at least, he has justified being drafted by the Packers. But, I am a bit concerned by how off-target some of those snaps were. Hunter Bradley better get that cleaned up or Green Bay may be making yet another call to Brett Goode.


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