Searching For My Compass (A Poem)

My life is sometimes dark and dreary.
With so much pressure on me, I feel like I'm coming down sick with the flu.
My chest is tight, my stomach aches and I can barely breathe.
So, I'm left standing and wondering what it is I'm supposed to do.
That's when I start searching for my compass.
For I know He is there, somewhere, waiting to guide my way.
And, I know when I find my compass.
He will make sure everything is OK.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

There are days when I'm filled with hatred.
It just seems as though everyone is getting on my nerves.
It feels as though something bad is just going to end up happening as a result.
And, yet, I keep moving toward it, not willing to swerve.
That's when I take a deep breath and start searching for my compass.
For I know He will point out the right way.
His soothing words will teach me forgiveness.
And, from my anger, I will sway.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

There always seems to be so much going on around me.
There are days when it feels like I'm being pulled in many different directions.
I find myself getting lost and not knowing what to do.
All I know is I need a course correction.
That's when I start searching for my compass
And ask for His guidance about which path to take.
There are just too many paths to choose from.
So I turn to His wisdom to keep from making yet another mistake.


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