Proof My House is Haunted?

Overall, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to ghost stories and, whenever I hear the word "haunted," I can't help but think there's some other explanation. That being said, there are times when I do wonder if my own house has a spirit living in it. This includes thinking (on multiple occasions) someone walked into the kitchen and turning my head to see nobody was there, something that has happened to my wife and I simultaneously, I might add. We also used to hear doors shutting and three of us have heard what sounded like a baby crying.

This latest incident, however, was definitely one of the stranger ones.

My wife and I were watching TV a few nights ago when our printer (located in the corner of our living room) suddenly turned on and started printing something. She was on her phone at the time but had not done anything (that she's aware of) that would cause her to print off of it. She even checked her history to make sure of that. I didn't have any electronics within reach at the time and the girls were getting ready for bed and their laptops and tablets were turned off.

Upon realizing this, I figured the printer was just running some sort of diagnostic (it's done that before). But, when I picked up the paper it printed out, I was surprised to discover it was a recipe for cheesecake.

Is this proof our house is haunted? Probably not. But, it is definitely something we can't explain. It's not a recipe any of us looked up on any of our devices and certainly did not print.

I thought somebody maybe hacked our WiFi. However, when I logged into the router, it didn't show any unusual devices. Plus, it's an older router without much range. In order to hack it, the person would literally have to be standing within a couple feet of our house. And, while our printer is one that can technically receive print requests via e-mail, I never set that function up.

So, either we have a ghost in our house that is hungry for cheesecake or this is a mystery we are never going to solve.


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