Packers Say Goodbye to Hundley

According to media reports, the Green Bay Packers are moving on from Brett Hundley and have traded him to the Seattle Seahawks.

While I'm not a huge Hundley fan, I am a bit mixed about this trade. Hundley obviously didn't look too hot playing in relief of Aaron Rodgers last season. But, to be fair, he did win just enough games to keep them in the playoff hunt until Rodgers returned.

I also thought Hundley outplayed Deshone Kizer, in preseason so far. Statistically, they were about the same. But, Hundley was typically playing against more starters and looked lot more poised in the pocket.

Not to mention, Kizer is winless as a starter. Sure, he played for the Cleveland Browns. But, it's really hard to go winless in the NFL. It's only happened five times since 1944. So the fact he is one of the quarterbacks who belongs to that small group doesn't exactly make me feel confident about him being our guy if he's asked to win a game or two (or four).

To be fair, I also can't really fault General Manager Brian Gutekunst for pulling the trigger on this trade. After last season's performance, it looked as though Hundley had no trade value at all and would likely either be cut or just play out the final year of his rookie contract. By making the trade, they at least get a mid-to-late round pick to use if Kizer isn't the answer at backup and un-drafted QB Tim Boyle doesn't build on his solid preseason.

But, I guess, ultimately, us Packers fans are just going to have to hope Rodgers stays healthy this year.


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