My Youngest Decided to Give Skating Another Try

She used to take classes like her sister but decided to try dance and, once she joined the dance team, it got to be too hard for her to do both. This was especially true on Wednesday night classes, when she would be at the dance studio for two hours then the ice rink. As a result, she stuck it out for a few extra weeks (through the ice show) and has taken the last year or so off.

However, her dance schedule recently changed and she now has Monday nights free. So, since skating classes are on Mondays, she decided to give it a try again and had her first class last night.

I was a little concerned, with so much time off, she would be very rusty and need a major refresher. But, as it turns out, she picked up right where she left off. I was volunteering behind the concession counter and didn't get to see her skate. However, she came off the ice with a big smile on her face and said she even managed to do crossovers, a move that stumped her the last time she took lessons.

I'm obviously glad to see that, especially if it's a sign she'll pass Basic 4. Now, it's just really a wait-and-see thing to see if she's going to be able to continue with skating or if her dance schedule will change again.


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