Just When I Start to Regain Faith in Humanity....

I come across an article telling me the CDC actually has to tell people they shouldn't wash/re-use condoms.

The fact I'm bothered by this has nothing to do with the fact people are doing it. After all, it's not like sex education is available everywhere. Plus, condoms might be too expensive for some people so, if anything, I'm going to applaud them for at least attempting to have safe sex.

What I'm worried about is, now that this is public knowledge, I'm sure there is somebody who is going to try to make money from this. I fully expect to turn on my TV one Saturday morning and discover an infomercial for the world's first reusable condom. All you have to do is throw it in your dishwasher when you're done. And, yep, that does make my skin crawl a bit.


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