I Got My Fundraising Hat On Again

The Beaver Dam Family Center (the ice rink my daughters skate out of) is having its annual Skaters Unlimited Banquet fundraiser in November and, after a little arm twisting, I agreed to help organize it.

Right now, that job mostly consists of reaching out to area businesses in an effort to get cash donations and in-kind donations for the silent auction and raffles we plan on having. But, I'm also throwing in my personal touch as well.

One of the things we are going to have this year (courtesy of me) is a "prize pong" table. Similar to beer pong only, if you get the ball in the cup, you win a small prize. I think that will be very popular and will give us a way to give away the smaller gift items (small gift cards, etc) and make more money than we would if they were part of the traditional raffle.

I am also pushing for dessert to either be served with dinner this year (something that used to be the case but disappeared a few years ago because of budget issues) or be available for an additional fee. This will solve a complaint I've heard from several parents (and I've had it too).


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