I Attended High School Orientation Last Night

Of course, my first reaction (jokingly) was "why do I need to go to the orientation, I already graduated high school." But, I must admit, the informational meeting was pretty informative and I did come out feeling a lot more confident about my oldest daughter starting her freshman year next month.

The thing I found I liked best about their setup is how they have a class period that is set aside to either "enhance" or "intervene." In other words, if a student is doing good in all of his/her classes, they can participate in an additional activity but, if they are struggling in a class, that period is used for extra time with the teacher.

This was something my daughter actually needed last year, when she was struggling in algebra. She knew she needed help but her teacher never seemed to be available to help her. I'm glad, at least at the high school level, they are recognizing this is a need.

I'm still not a big fan of the fact they allow students to have their cell phones with them in school. Yes, I know they are restricting the use in classrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. But, I still would prefer it if the students were required to keep them in their lockers during the day so they focus on school. And, I already told my daughter I expect her phone to be unused except during lunch (though I highly doubt she'll listen).

I also think the no-backpack in class rule is a bit dated. I understand the reason for it. But, I think you could keep the school just as safe by at least allowing clear bags (like they require at stadiums). That way, it's easier for the kids to carry their books and papers to classes since 5 minutes isn't always enough time to get something out of their locker.


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