My Black Beans Are Almost Ready to Be Harvested

I'm having zero luck with my green beans this year. I have plenty of vines but they haven't even flowered yet and it's almost August.

My black beans, however, are doing pretty well. I opened up one of the pods last night and they look like they are just about ready to be harvested.

This is my first year growing them so I'm having to Google the instructions about when to harvest, how to dry them, etc. But, it looks like I will have enough for at least a couple dishes. I might have to plant them in a larger quantity next year.

On another note, I think my zucchini plants are just about done. I picked quite a few off of them this summer but the sun is starting to shift a bit, causing more shade in the back yard and the plants are looking like they are about to die as a result. Good thing I still have a fridge full of them. I should also be able to get some spaghetti squash before those vines die on me.


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