We Had an Interesting "Event" at the Office Yesterday

Long story short, the building landlord was soaking a vent cover in the utility room sink and thought he turned the faucet off before going to lunch. As it turns out, the faucet, for some weird reason, turns differently than most faucets and, instead of being off, it was opened wide. There was a hose attached and, since the other end was emerged in the water, he didn't notice the water wasn't turned off.

As a result of all of this, I got up from my desk to use the rest room about 11:30 yesterday and noticed water seeping into the office. Upon further investigation, I discovered the entire basement of the office building was flooded. By the time we figured out what was going on and got the water turned off, I had a good half inch of water standing by my desk and water had gotten into every room.

Surprisingly, despite being right next door to the utility room, this office wasn't the one that got hit the worst. The office on the other side of us happens to be on the bottom of a small slope and a good chunk of the water flowed under that door making a pretty nasty mess.

They did get a carpet cleaner in right away and they were able to get the water vacuumed up in a matter of hours. And, fortunately, there doesn't seem to be any serious damage.

Dehumidifier by my desk
Of course, between the fans and dehumidifiers in my office and out in the hall, it's kind of loud in here. It's a bit like being in a wind tunnel. So, I'm really hoping things are dried out enough where they can take them out of here soon.


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