Still One More Week Until Payday (A Poem)

There's still one more week until payday
And my funds are already running low.
I hate to sound cliche
But where did my money go?
The mortgage company, the electric company and the rest
Are draining my bank account dry.
I swear, if I get one more bill in the mail,
I'm going to break down and cry.
Like mosquitoes, they keep poking at me
Trying to make me bleed.
Don't these people realize
I have a family of four and two cats to feed?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

My savings account? That's empty.
That money has already been spent.
My tax return? Don't make me laugh.
Let's just say the government found a way to keep each and every cent.
The cavalry isn't coming.
They must have gotten lost.
I could ask for a pay raise.
But, I've already gone down THAT road with my boss.
So I guess the only thing that's left to do.
Is stretch my budget and suck it up when it comes to my money woes.
And be grateful
There's just one more week to go. 


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