Movie Review: My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)

Synopsis: As Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends prepare Equestria for its first Friendship Festival, their efforts are interrupted by an army of monsters led by the broken-horned unicorn, Tempest Shadow, who is working for a villain by the name of Storm King. Twilight Sparkle and her friends escape but must find help if they hope to rescue the rest of the ponies.

Who's in it? The animated movie uses voices from Emily Blunt, Kristin Chenoweth, Taye Diggs, Tara Strong, Liev Schreiber and Zoe Saldana.

Review: My daughters wanted to see this film when it first came out at theaters. However, I wasn't interested in spending that kind of money and, instead, waited until it came out on DVD and I could get it through Netflix. We got it this week and we watched it last night.

Considering most blockbuster kids' movies are essentially expensive toy commercials, I did have some doubts about this film. However, after watching it with them last night, I do have to say this movie was better than I was expecting it to be.

As can be expected with most movies geared toward children, there were some parts of this film that were pretty predictable. For example, when Tempest Shadow (Blunt) was introduced, I kind of figured she would have some sort of sad backstory that would justify her current actions while leaving the door open for her to become a good guy again.

That being said, there were also quite a few twists and turns that kept this film watch-able, even for adults. I, personally, loved the scenes involving the pirates. And, I have to admit, Pinkie Pie's (Andrea Libman) enthusiasm was almost as entertaining as the movie itself because it made me wonder if she would eventually do something that would be funny but, at the same time, make things worse for the ponies.

My only real complaint about this film is I'm still a little confused about why the Sky King (Schreiber) was needed. Maybe it's just me, but if Tempest Shadow's primary purpose was to steal the pony princesses power so she could get her horn back, that's something she could have done on her own (with some sort of change-of-heart twist) rather than on behalf of a character that doesn't even show up until the very end.

Final Opinion: It's a movie that is obviously geared toward younger kids. But, overall, I thought it was a fun film and I would recommend it.

My Grade: B


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