Movie Review: Home (2015)

Synopsis: The cowardly Boov are always on the run from their mortal enemy, the Gorg, and move from one planet to another in an attempt to hide from them. This time, they have chosen to hide on Earth and, after re-locating Earth's entire human population to Australia, they claim the planet as their own.
However, when a friend-less Boov named Oh attempts to invite people to his house warming party, he inadvertently sends the invite to the Gorg as well. With the help of a young human, Tip, who avoided being relocated but is now searching for her mother, the now-fugitive Oh escapes the angry mob with the promise of helping her find her family.

Who's in it? The animated movie stars Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin and Matt Jones.

Review: I had planned on mowing the lawn yesterday evening after work. However, when I remembered I had to get gas for the mower, I decided to do wait until today and, instead, made a ravioli dinner and watched a family movie.

I came across this film on one of our movie channels a few months ago and decided to record it for the kids. I then promptly forgot about it until cleaning off our DVR a couple days ago. Figuring it would allow me to free up more space, I ended up picking this film last night. After seeing it, my opinion of it was a bit mixed.

I will admit, the movie does have its moments. Oh's (Parsons) escape from the rest of the Boov is somewhat funny, especially when Tip (Rihanna) gets involved. And, I really liked Steve Martin's Captain Smek character, who I think was actually more memorable than the main two characters (it reminded me a bit of some of his earlier roles).

Unfortunately, the overall movie was a bit lacking. For one, the plot was kind of predictable, especially when the Gorg do ultimately find Earth, mostly because it's pretty obvious why the Gorg are hunting for the Boov in the first place. Even my daughter successfully guessed at it.

My wife and I also agreed Oh was much more irritating than he was cute. His broken English (and I don't remember the movie explaining how the Boov even learned the language) was funny at first but, as the movie progressed, it just wasn't as entertaining. And, while my kids didn't seem to be as annoyed by it as we were, I don't think it was something that really sold them on the movie either.

Final Opinion: It's an OK movie. But, mostly because of the too-simple and predictable plot, I don't think it was anything special as far as kids' movies go.

My Grade: C


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