Movie Review: The Gift (2015)

Synopsis: Shortly after moving to California to start a new life, Simon and Robyn run into one of Simon's ex-classmates, Gordo. Even though Simon has no interest in reconnecting with his former classmate, Gordo has other ideas and continually stops by the house when Simon isn't home and leaving gifts for the couple. Simon wants to put an end to it. However, Robyn doesn't think Gordo is a threat and begins to suspect there is something from her husband's past he isn't telling her.

Who's in it? The movie stars Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton, Allison Tolman and Tim Griffin.

Review: I really should have mowed my lawn yesterday. But, I just couldn't get up the energy to do that so, after running a couple other errands, my wife and I wound up watching an afternoon movie.

We originally started watching Meet the Blacks, but quickly discovered neither of us was enjoying it and started searching for something else. After going through dozens of other movie previews, we settled on this film. As it turns out, it was a good choice.

I think the thing I liked best about this film was the way it avoided being as predictable as it had the potential to be. Gordo (Edgerton) is creepy but, while he occasionally shows a violent side, he's also very meek to the point it was hard to imagine him being much than a psychological threat. As a result of that, I did wonder just how far he would take things, especially since a good portion of the "threat" seemed to be in Simon (Bateman) and Robyn's (Hall) heads.

I also liked the twist involving Robyn's investigation into Simon's past once she realizes he is a bit of a bully (something that is obvious to pretty much everyone except her). Since, unlike Gordo, we knew he was willing to cross lines and be violent, it did create some additional suspense. Would he keep his temper under control? Or, would he snap and hurt her?

My favorite part of this movie, however, has to be the ending, with Gordo revealing he was, in fact, one step ahead of Simon from the start. It was cleverly written with Gordo getting his revenge on Simon without necessarily coming out looking like the hero. It was definitely not an ending I was expecting and I loved it largely because of that.

Final Opinion: This is a pretty interesting thriller with a couple intriguing twists and a great ending. I would recommend taking the time to watch it.

My Grade: A


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