This Cat is Testing My Patience This Morning

Echo is having one of those days where he seems to be going out of his way to press the wrong buttons.

In addition to waking me up 10 minutes before I needed to get out of bed, he has been standing outside my daughter's room making a ruckus. And, I'm not talking just standing there meowing or scraping at her door. He's rattling her door as loud as he possibly can and it can be heard throughout the house.

He's being stubborn about it too. I want her to sleep a little longer (she already has to be up before 6), so I don't want to let him in there since I know he will just pester her.  But, I  have chased him away a half dozen times and counting. He'll hide for a minute or two then will sneak back down the hall and start over.

I'm starting to regret not getting a dog.


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