Swan City Ice Skaters Have Opened Registration for Their Summer Class Session

Taking a moment to perform my part-time "job" as a Beaver Dam Swan City Ice Skaters board member and announce registration has opened for new skaters who are interested in taking part in the summer class session (June 25-August 27).

Any kid 3 years of age or older and living within driving distance of Beaver Dam, WI can sign up for the 30-minute-per-week class. Cost is just $60, which is pretty reasonable when you consider it is for the entire summer and includes an hour of practice ice each week. You can choose Monday evening or Wednesday evening for classes.

You can register by visiting www.swancityiceskaters.org and clicking the registration link.

Granted, I'm a little biased. But, if you have kids who are looking for something to do this summer, it's something I do recommend. Here are some of the reasons:

1. The classes are taught by professional coaches. Unlike many other activities that rely on volunteers (who may or may not be qualified), SCIS hires qualified people to teach classes.

2. Kids are able to learn at their own pace. SCIS is a member of US Figure Skating and uses their class guidelines. Classes are tiered by skill level and new skaters are able to learn the basics at their own pace while a more-experienced skater can learn something more advanced.

3. There is no expensive equipment to buy. One of my biggest pet peeves as a parent is having my kids try something, be required to buy shoes, helmets, pads, etc. then be stuck with those items when they decide it isn't for them. That is not a requirement with this activity. The only piece of equipment that is required (though I do recommend bringing a bike helmet for first-timers) is ice skates and you don't even need to buy those right away because you can simply borrow a pair from the family center. If your child decides to stick with it, then you can make a purchase decision at that time (I, personally, am renting my daughter's skates until she stops outgrowing them every few months).

4. There are plenty of opportunities for skaters but, ultimately, you, as a parent, are the one who makes that decision. Our skaters have a variety of options. They can compete as soloists (like my daughter). They can be part of the synchronized skating team. They can do both. Or, they can choose to do neither and just take classes/skate for fun. SCIS does a great job giving the skaters opportunity to try all the options but, ultimately, it is up to the skater and his/her parents to decide.


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