Review of Pep's Drafthaus Prohibition Special Pizza

My wife and I didn't have solid dinner plans last night so, as is usually the case when that happens, I wound up stopping at the grocery store on my way home and picking up a couple frozen pizzas for dinner.

Since my daughters just like cheese pizza, I wound up getting them a cheap brand. But, I was in the mood to try something a little different so, after some consideration, I purchased the Pep's Drafthaus Prohibition Special for my wife and I.

At $8.99, this pizza was more expensive than I would normally prefer to spend on a frozen pizza and, because of that, I did have some second thoughts about my purchase. However, cooking this pizza on our pizza oven last night and giving it a try, I do have to say I was very impressed with it.

One of the reasons I took a chance on this brand when I saw it in the freezer was it looked like it had quite a few toppings on it. This included a lot of cheese, sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, peppers and onions. Since lack of toppings is one of my biggest pet peeves about frozen pizzas (especially if I spend more than $5 on one), this was something I definitely found attractive about it. As it turns out, this pizza did not disappoint in this category. The Pep's brand had more than enough cheese and there seemed to be a piece of meat or vegetable in just about every bite we took.

As a result of this, the pizza wound up being much more filling than I would normally expect from a frozen pizza and my wife and I were each only able to get through two slices as a result (though I did have a third one later in the evening). The fact we wound up with enough leftover for lunch the next day did add some value to our purchase.

I also thought the pizza had a good flavor to it. A lot of frozen brands tend to go a bit overboard with the spices. That was not the case with this brand. There was a good blend of spices in the sauce, but not enough to make the pizza spicy. And, the various toppings did a good job of complementing each other.

I was also a fan of the crust, which wasn't paper thin (like many frozen brands) but thin enough to get a little crispy. This mean I could pick up a slice of pizza without having it fold over and make a mess. That, alone, would place this brand above many other frozen pizzas we've purchased.

Final Opinion: This brand cost a little more than I normally would spend on a frozen pizza. However, it proved to be worth the money and I would purchase it again as a result.

My Grade: A


  1. I think it's one of the best frozen pizza I have ever had

  2. I have type 2 alchalasia and I have hard time getting solid food down because my husband had cancer kinda lost his tastebuds but this Pep Drafthaus pizza best. Lost my appetite but this pizza brings me back to life. Hansen foods you have a winner here...treat them well.


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