Review of John Soules Foods Fully-Cooked Beef Steak

My wife had to do some shopping yesterday afternoon and, while at Wal-mart with the kids, decided to pick up something for dinner. She came across this item and picked it up with the intention of adding some vegetables and making stir fry.

She did just that last night and I was very impressed with this meat. This is primarily because I enjoyed how it was seasoned. It had just enough to give it some flavor without the meat being too spicy or peppery. It complemented the vegetables well as a result.

I also liked the fact the meat wasn't too tough. This has been the case with similar products we've purchased in the past and is a big reason why I usually don't buy products like this. But, in this case, the meat was just the way it should have been.

As a result of all of this, I do think this is a product I would purchase again, either to make beef steak sandwiches or something else, like the stir fry we had last night. If you come across this while shopping, I would recommend it.

My Grade: A


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