Pause Button (A Poem)

Everything seems to move so quickly
Blink, and a moment is gone, just like that.
It seems whole years seem to slip by me
In only a few minutes flat.
I'm almost afraid to go to bed at night.
Because time seems so fleeting.
And, every morning, I hate going to work.
After all, who wants to waste that precious time in a meeting?
I'm not asking for the ability to rewind
Or a chance to undo something that has already been done.
I'm just asking for a break.
I'm just asking for a pause button.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

My daughters are how old?
Weren't they in diapers just yesterday?
It seems like, every time their current ages finally sink in,
They are having yet another birthday.
There are so many memories we should be making
And many moments we should be sharing.
But, time keeps moving by at a rapid pace.
It seems so uncaring.
Can I enjoy being a parent just a little longer?
Soon, their childhood will be all but a memory that will be soon forgotten.
I'm not asking for a do-over
I'm just asking for a pause button.


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