Fairly Successful Skating Weekend

I'm actually a little bit exhausted this morning and am not really looking forward to going into the office as a result of that. However, I do think it was worth it considering it was a fairly successful figure skating weekend for my daughter, Azalea (and for me as well).

Saturday was her US Figure Skating Test Session. She took the preliminary moves in the field test and, while a little shaky on a couple of the moves, did pass it.

Yesterday, she had a competition in Fond du Lac and took two second place medals.

Last night (and this was the big one), she won our club's highest solo skater award, the Tough Blades Award. She was apparently nominated by all the coaches and board members to win it because, even though she doesn't always come in first when competing, she always puts in 100 percent effort and is a great representative for our club. It's something she's wanted to win since she first learned about it and was definitely giddy after getting it, especially when she saw some of the skaters who won it before her.

As for me, I decided to add my name to the ballot for the club's board of directors and, to my great surprise, I wound up winning a seat (making me officially the only dad on the 9-member board). To be honest, I'm not really sure if that's a good thing or not yet, especially since I'm committing three years of my life to it (I don't plan on running for a second term because my daughter will be a senior in high school by the time this one is done).


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