Well, It's Getting to Be Crunch Time...

My daughter's ice show (Rapunzel's Story) is next weekend and, a week from today, is the full dress rehearsal. That means we are all scrambling to get everything finalized.

I've always been involved in some capacity with other ice shows, whether it was working concessions or selling flowers. But, this year, I've been involved even more. In addition to finding raffle table donations (we have 56 prizes in total this year), I've been taking on pretty much any task that has needed me. This includes taking ticket pre-orders, helping with painting the scenery (something that is not my strong suit) and even helping out in the costume room. Heck, I'm even in charge of the afterglow party now.

Because of all of this, I'm definitely looking forward to the show. But, I'm also kind of looking forward to it being over so things can get back to being a little closer to normal.


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