Some Dandelion-Inspired Food for Thought

I was outside yesterday and discovered some dandelions growing up by my house. As I snapped this photo of them, I had an interesting thought.

When we are kids, we think of dandelions as flowers. We pick them and we put them in vases. Then, sometime along the way, somebody tells us they aren't flowers, they are weeds. And, as a result of that, our view of them changes.

This is not unlike how we look at each other. When we are born, we are born with nothing but love in our hearts and view everyone as flowers. But, as we get older, we are told certain people are weeds, whether it is because the color of their skin, the country they come from, their religion, etc.

Perhaps the way we can finally achieve world peace is to allow our children to enjoy beauty in every form. Instead of telling them a dandelion is a weed, let them pick them and put them in vases and treat them with the same respect we might show a rose. If we do that with plants, maybe it'll carry over to the way we view other people too.


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